Todays Health Tip: Number 1 Action for Preventing, Colds, Flu Even The Bird Flu ..Bonus: It's Free

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The most important step you can take to reduce the risk of catching a cold, flu even the bird flu is washing your hands. Most of us know the obvious advice about when to wash your hands, but do you think about what you are touching that may be carrying bacteria and viruses that can harm you? How about your shoes? Do you wash your hands after putting on your shoes or taking them off. This is a big issue for airport travelers but everyone I know wears shoes and it is not natural to think about washing your hands when dealing with your shoes. Now you know.

Let’s look a another not so obvious area. Wash the outside of food even if you are peeling them. For example: oranges, cantalope, and so on. Why? Because your knife picks up the chemicals and other substances on the outside and transfers them to the inside.

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