Vaccine-Resistant Bird Flu Found In Asia

November 6, 2006 by · Leave a Comment
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A new strain of vaccine-resistant H5N1 bird flu virus has emerged in China and is spreading through southeast Asia. The new strain has become dominant throughout the region, replacing other variants of the virus, in report issued by Hong Kong researchers.

The new strain was also responsible for recent human infections by the avian flu virus in both rural and urban areas of China, the Hong Kong team reported.

It appears this new strain is not spreading from human to human. When a strain of bird flu virus that spreads from humans does appear (highly likely) there will be huge worldwide health and economic consequences.

Many people believe there will be vaccines and other treatments to help when the bird flu begins its attack on humans. It is highly unlikely the medical community will be able to help much.

Over a year ago I wrote an article recommending people take this threat very seriously. Click here for the report titled Inevitable

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