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Researchers from the University of Virginia found that people suffering from colds left behind viruses on about one third of all objects and surfaces they touched. The items most frequently contaminated include: door handles, pens, light switches, TV remotes, clock radio, faucets and phones.

I always have a small container of Thieves Spray with me and use it in hotels. That is the easy part. Planes, airports, rental cars are all infected by people with colds and more. It is impossible to spray the world around but the number one action you can take is washing your hands. Since even that is not immediately practical when you are exposed, for example immediately following the taking off and putting on the shoes routine at airport security, I carry a small container of Melaleuca hand cleaner. If I sense direct exposure being around a sick person, I will use the Thieves spray on my hands and throat area. All the products I use are small enough for that one quart sized plastic bag you are allowed to carry on.

What is the best thing you can do to stay healthy? Well I would say keeping your immune system strong by eating well, getting the right rest and using immune strengthening supplements is the recommended program of choice. Hard to do when you are a frequent traveler but still very important and worth the effort.

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