Walking for Better Health

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Many of us struggle with the concept of regular
exercise. We lack an understanding of how to create
an effective routine, our motivation is virtually
nonexistent, and we just don’t have the time…so we

Luckily, we have the natural ability to walk, a
simple and effective form of exercising.
Walking is considered a low-impact exercise that can
gently ease you into high-impact fitness training.
According to the Mayo Clinic, walking can reduce the
risk of heart attack, help lower blood pressure,
control weight, lift spirits, and reduce stress.

The WalkingSite, www.walkingsite.com, suggests a
person walk 10,000 steps per day, or five miles.
However, most sedentary individuals only average
between 1,000 and 3,000 steps a day. by wearing a
pedometer, a person can easily track the amount of
steps taken on a daily basis. And there are several
simple ways to increase the amount of steps you take.
It is never too late to start a standardized walking

Getting the exercise you need for better
health is as simple as strolling around the block,
hiking the stairs, or cruising around the mall.
Remember, start out slow, keep track of your progress,
and increase at your own pace. With a little focused
effort and dedication, you can get the cardio exercise
you need without the cost of a gym membership.

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