10 Things Joe Vitale Does To Regain The Happy Feeling

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Joe Vitale lists 10 immediate actions we can take to help restore the feeling of happiness during those moments when

I admit it: I don’t always feel great.

Yea, I’m surprised, too.

You’d think the author of such self-help books as The Attractor Factor and The Key, who stars in the inspiring movie The Secret, would have it together by now.

Sorry to disappoint you.

I still have my “moments.”

At least today they are only off moments where in the past they were bad days.
But if Boston can transform a prison into a luxury hotel called Liberty Hotel, then you and I can transform our mood.

So let me give you an early Christmas present by sharing ten self-help tips I do to shift my emotions which may help you, as well:

1. Pet a cat. I look into the eyes of my pets and I begin to feel more relaxed. They purr and my world changes. Ahhhhh…

2. Walk a dog. Just moving can make you feel better but having an excited dog tug at you to move you along faster is even better.

3. Play loud music. Nothing like hearing great music from Michelle Malone — or AC/DC or Stevie Ray Vaughan or Bruce Springsteen — playing at ear ringing levels to make me forget my woes. Dance to the music and unhappiness doesn’t stand a chance of surviving.

4. Make a decision. As I say in the movie The Secret, and in my books The Attractor Factor and The Key, setting an intention for how you want your day to go will realign you and your day. How do you want to feel? What do you want to achieve? Focus on that and you’ll begin to go toward it.

5. Help someone. Feeling unhappy is a selfish experience, so share it with someone you love. Just kidding. You can lift your own mood by looking for someone who is sad and comforting them. Listen to them. Buy them a cookie. Anything to take the focus off of you.

6. Feel grateful. Look around and find something, anything, to feel truly grateful to have. Gratitude is a powerful attractor of more to feel grateful for. Compared to people in the past and people in third world countries, you have it made.

7. Watch a movie. Movies shift your feelings and thoughts and can be a powerful way to improve your mood. Watch The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, etc. I liked the Bruce Willis movie 13 Blocks. Watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Watch Donny Deutsch’s The Big Idea. Watch cartoons. Whatever flips your switch.

8. Eat something. Yes, it’s comfort food when you reach for a meal when you aren’t really hungry and feel like crap, but food helps put you in the moment, shifts your serotonin levels, and makes your blood rush from your head to your stomach. Just don’t make this a habit.

9. Detach. Consider this a spiritual exercise and learn to detach from your thoughts, feelings and body. As I write in Zero Limits, you are the witness behind it all. Enjoy the show. Life is a play, my friend. It just seems real.

10. Smile. Look in the mirror and create a dozen different ways to smile. How would a kid do it? Go ahead. Be silly. No one is watching. You might start laughing at yourself and sooner or later, son of a gun, you’re really smiling.

Bonus Tip: Take action. Nothing beats simply diving into a project, preferably something you’ve been wanting to do anyway. Getting lost in the doing is a smart way to transcend your mood and get something productive done, as well. Forget avoiding. Start doing.

Finally, remember what comedian George Burns said –
“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”
Well, are you happy now?
Ao Akua,

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