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December 1, 2008 First Day


Zna Trainer  is a professional peak performance body, mind and spirit trainer. I learned of her and her training program on Twitter. I noticed she used the phrases “trade secrets” and “O2 Breakthrough. 

Related: I have become increasingly aware of my own energy state and productivity level. I knew the better I felt, the more I was able to maintain a state of positive energy which has numerous benefits personally and professionally. With that focus I have consistently been conscious of healthy eating and exercise. However, I also have some habits that are inconsistent with manifesting a  peak performance body, mind and spirit.

Through a series of seeminly unrelated events (actually not unrelated at all) I connected with Zna by phone and became intrigued with her work. She has a very attractive profile. When she represented her physical age, I thought she was displaying photos that were taken 20 or more years ago.  They are current. She began explaining the remarkable benefits of her work and pointed me to a number of credible client success stories. Many of these can be found at the following page: Please Click Here

It was clear to me that what Zna was saying matched what I had been focusing on achieving, including: tighter trimmer wasteline, increased energy and mental clarity, youthful look and consistent positive energy state. Like most people I wanted it all and wanted it now.  Zna convinced me that in about 30 minutes a day, I would notice significant improvements in all areas quickly.  My first session was December 1, 2008.  

I have a video done for another topic that was completed on November 27, 2008 just 4 days earlier. On that date I was 192 lbs. I will post another video related to this training program within a couple days. It will be about my condition at the start and a description of my first week’s experience.  I will not be showing you what she teaches, it is confidential, don’t ask. 

Realty Training:

My starting point is 192 lbs. I am in good health and I exercise, (run, walk, use the gym) 2-3 times a week. My diet is good, not perfect. I like scotch.

I liked the idea of 30 minute training. After 4 days I am not able to do 30 minutes with her. I am lucky to be able to do 10 minutes of actual training at this point. I will improve.  The first few days take longer since Zna patiently but firmly begins to teach you the program with personal coaching by phone.  So for the record I am in my home and this is done lying on the floor. That is correct, no standing, no running, no weights, no machines…just me, my carpeted floor and a couple of pillows.


I feel like I am in the worst possible condition after following Zna’s guidance and attempting to do what she is teaching me.  That is good as I know I have a great opportunity to improve. She counsels me with the advice to stay focused and keep following her direction. She also advises it will take some time before I really know the program with minimal or no guidance. For me, there are parts of her training I am already intellectually understanding. I feel I am at maybe 10 or 15% of what is possible for me and I am only talking about that portion of the program that is no longer new ground.

December 4, 2008

On day 4 I now know the warm up program and know there is room to grow with that. I also now understanding the progression of what to do and again realize the opportunity for me to move up the performance ladder. That opportunity is huge.   I thought I was really starting to get it then realized I was on Step 4. I think there are 10 Steps and that is “basic training” . 


After every session I feel energized. I feel the parts of my body that are not used to being worked but I don’t need the recovery time like I do when I have run distances or played a strenuous game of ice hockey. However, let me tell you everything you have is worked by this lady. 

My energy level throughout the day is higher.

I am noticing some definition already.

My Recommendation

Start your day with  Zna’s Peak Performance Body, Mind and Spirit, O2 Breakthrough Trade Secret Program

Note: I can see where this program is perfect for all levels of conditioning at the start including those who are already considered to be in peak condition. What is interesting you are not competing with anyone else you are moving toward the potential of your own body with added bonuses of anti-aging, body sculpting and fat weight loss.

Email me question about my experience but don’t ask me to describe her training. Like all of her clients, I have agreed not to do that. 

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