All You Need To Know About A Cholesterol Ratio

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All You Need To Know About A Cholesterol Ratio

By: Henry Fong
In this modern day and age, our health is one of the key areas of focus for many of us. We want to make sure that we are going to live long and happy lives and we need to make sure that we eat the right foods. We have to be careful that we monitor ourselves all the time so that we are aware of any telltale signs should they appear. You should definitely keep an eye on your cholesterol ratio.

There is quite a precise way in which one calculates this ratio. You achieve a number on the cholesterol ration by dividing the level of HDL cholesterol into one’s total cholesterol. According to the American Heart Association, you should have a maximum ratio of 5:1 and the best ratio would be considered a 3. 5:1.

The ratio serves as an indicator for health professionals as to your chances of having heart disease. This is very important as it is a good way of letting you know how you should be living your life. If you are in the danger zone then make sure that you take action.

Most doctors would recommend that you check this regularly at least once every six months. If the measurement that you achieve is not what the doctor ordered then they are likely to prescribe a course of treatment. This could either be in the form of medication or it could mean that you will need to change your diet.

Medication might seem like the easier path but at the end of the day you should choose to go for the eating plan is you have the luxury of choice. This will mean that you get to avoid having to take the medication for the rest of your life which is likely to happen if you go down that route.

It does make sense then to try and eat healthy as much as possible and you would want to stay away from foods that could increase your cholesterol. Examples of this include butter, red meat with fat on it and also ice cream. Don’t worry though as there is a host of healthy foods that you can eat.

The diet can be a challenge to start with but you will soon get used to it and of course you should focus on the foods that are allowed. Fish is a great source of the right types of fats and omega oils which are essential in our every day diet. Veggies are also very important and then of course you can enjoy foods such as walnuts and oat bran. The last one can also help with your digestion if this an issue for you. All of this will help your cholesterol ratio.

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