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Last spring I published an article How To Strengthen Our Three Foundation Pillars For Optimal Business SuccessThe first pillar is health since it has been my experience that good health and vibrant energy is necessary to achieve any and all business and personal goals. In talks across the country, I remind audiences that without good health, nothing else matters since we are not able to enjoy any money we have earned or relationships we have formed.

This is a story about me walking the talk.

For a number of years I have  defined my ideal weight goal and imaged my body shape and energy level. I have various periods of getting close but would relax about it and place a higher priority on the social aspects and relaxing aspects of eating especially when traveling.

Regarding traveling a little over a year ago I was asked by JT Foxx to provide executive coaching to certain of his students. That led to an expanded role of Director of Mentoring and Coaching. In that role I began to travel a lot across country, into Ontario, Alberta, and more. So my weight crept up. Moving further away from my goal I noticed the impact on my mindset. I was not happy about it and I knew it affected my mood and effectives.

At one of the events in Hawaii, I met Joe Sugarman who was a featured speaker. We connected on a number of topics but mostly on the topic of copywriting and his new health company.  Joe is a legend direct response marketer, author of very notable books,  the founder of Blublocker Sunglasses and now a company with breakthrough in the genetic management of the human body. I actually believe we connected because I demonstrated my sincere interest in helping him at the event with actually minor logistics but important ones to any speaker. Joe is a very gratious man who spends time on any questions a person might have.

So why all this space on Joe Sugarman when this is about my health and weight? Well because toward the end of Joe’ s presentation, Joe started taking off his suit coat then tie then shirt and here in front of nearly 100 people, Joe, the now 72 year old Joe stood with an amazing physic, very lean and strong. I noticed and thought how does he do that?

About three months later I was on the phone with Joe mentioning he had just come off a 14 day fast. I made a mental note to talk with him about that during an upcoming event we would both be at in Chicago. And I did and I learned about the Master Cleanse. I also had no serious intention then of trying that.

About a month ago my Skype went off and a good friend of mine in China called and started telling me about how great she was doing on the Master Cleanse. Being a person who advocates “paying attention to the messages you are intended to receive”.. I now knew it was intended for me to take this serious. I called Joe and he began to walk me through the process and coach me on what to expect. He also said he was sending me a brochure. That brochure is a book titled The Master Cleanse and is over 70 pages. I read it cover to cover and I understood why it worked and the benefits. I knew it was time to “walk the talk on my advocating health as the number one priority.”

A little over two weeks ago, I spoke with Joe and said “Joe I am starting Sunday and I am doing this for 10 days.”  Joe said, email me every day Steve and let me know how you are doing and call me anytime if you have questions or need help with what is going on.  As I went into this process the knowing I was going to be telling Joe how I was doing was powerful. Once I made the commitment to 10 days, there was no way I was going to write on any of those days and say I couldn’t do it or I had cheated…no way. And I didn’t.

What I experienced…The first three days sucked. I had a headache from caffeine withdraw and toxin release. My lower back hurt and my legs were very achy. I am grateful I was reporting to Joe because mentally I quit that damn cleanse about 20 times during that three days. However, I noticed I was not hungry. Things began to get better the tail end of the third day and into the fourth day my headache was gone and backache. By the 5th day other aches were gone. Then I began thinking I was making a two day trip to NY and how was I going to maintain the cleanse.

I left for NY on the 7th day, returned on the 8th. I packed my supplies, stayed on the cleanse and did great…all mindset.


Today is the third day of the easing back into eating process and I am doing great. I have shed 12 pounds and still dropping as I am eating light with only fruit and vegetables. I am using some of my favorite meal supplement products twice a day that I was using before the cleanse.


I think the biggest adjustments for me going forward is a further increase in fruits and vegetables and smaller quantities. I learned  a lot about how psychological eating habits are. Will I avoid all that I have eaten in the past that is not good for me?  I doubt it but I am much more aware of frequency and quantity.

The Big Question: Will I Do It Again?

Yes sometime in the next 6 months I will do it again. I am currently still 8 pounds away from my ideal weight and even if my weight was at that point the health benefits of the cleanse are tremendous. Am I looking forward to it?  I am not afraid of it and I am looking forward to further benefits to my health.

For You:

If this has caught your attention, please visit Master Cleanse and do some reading. If you decide to commit yourself to this process, email me with Master Cleanse in the title and like Joe did for me I will answer your questions and ask you to give me a daily email report of your progress.

Steve Pohlit, Business Consultant, Executive Coach
“No Reports…Just Results”

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