The Four Second Miracle For Your Health Revealed

My Health Goal: Optimal Health in Minimal Time.

If you follow my group Build Profits on Facebook or my Business Blog Build Business Profits you know I frequently remind readers as well as live audiences that good health is the most valuable asset we have.

If We Are Not In Good Health, Our Work and Relationships Suffer.

Many acknowledge without good health nothing else matters very much.  Even with that knowing,  most proceed to eat and drink opposite of what we know is good for optimal health.  Notice the focus on eating and drinking.

This morning Zna Trainer spent the first 20 minutes of our session  reminding me with detailed instructions on diet. She helped me by focusing on what I could be doing different when I travel.  I am no novice to this topic and while Zna is an expert her real value comes from her training and encouragement.

I love having her as a personal trainer because she teaches me her amazing program, reminds me to do my homework and holds me accountable for achieving the results I intend to achieve. In one session you will feel a very noticeable difference.  I have and I know you will as well.

Zna’s Four Second Miracle

Zna reminded me it takes about 10 minutes to set up for the 4 second miracle the first time.  She carefully explains the benefits to your body of everything she is having you do.  Nothing hurts however, her one on one instructions require your attention and effort.

Since she is the expert and it is her program I am not going to tell you how to do it. I will tell you the actual exercise she teaches is about 4 seconds.  She explains why this is a miracle solution for your health, including strength and anti-aging.   Her program is great for “that” and you know what I mean…both men and women.

I noticed my energy level was really great after our session today  and this was after getting in late from a plane trip and not getting more than about 4 hours sleep. She told me what sleep deprivation does and I will do my best to avoid that.

My results: I started working with Zna in late 2008 and continued for about 3 months.  I lost about 20 pounds and reached my ideal weight. I gained energy and clarity. I felt healthier and experienced improved skin tone and more.  Then life got in the way and I drifted away from the program.  She knew it was time for me to make a lifestyle adjustment with a commitment to what she teaches me to do.  I recently restarted training with Zna and I am reminded how wonderful an experience that can be.

She is a great lady and wonderful friend.  She wants you to know that when you call her she will give you double the introductory sessions when you mention my name and will give you that and more for a very special affordable price.  I’ll let her tell you what it is.  Call her at this special number that I use which is 801-651-6115

For your great health and success

Steve Pohlit

Four Easy To Understand Steps for Optimal Health

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1. Don’t ever go to the grocery store hungrey

2. Don’t have anything in you home that you have decided you must avoid ….this is about food .

3. Focus on what your body knows is good for you and not what you tongue enjoys.

4. Move…your muscles and your lungs will reward you.

Easy to understand..easy to agree with…damn hard to do.  So I simply ask, how important is your health to you?

Steve Pohlit,

Business Consultant, Executive Coach

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