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It is rare actually for me to introduce a new product for my body and notice any difference in my healthy state. I am conscious of my diet and  exercise program. I use nutritional supplements and essential oils.   Using Organo Gold coffee for the past two months is one of those rare situations.

I have a consistent positive flow of energy and well being.  This week has been noticeably move valuable for my clients as I have fired off many great ideas for their businesses.  I am experienced in business so valuable ideas are not unusual. It was the rate and clarity of the ideas that I noticed. That is a lot of fun.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it your self. I recommend starting with the bronze pak for a great value and mix of product….unless of course you already see the value of using and sharing these healthy coffees, tea and hot chocolate. If you do then go Gold now.

About Organo Gold

Organo Gold Coffee is Your Healthy Coffee and it is healthy coffee because the coffee is a delivery system for Ganoderma Lucidum ….the number one Chinese herb for thousands of years. It is the most in-demand herb in the world because of it’s health benefits. Click Here and check it out for your self.

I will be happy to help you get some” ……coffee

This Is Major: Organo Gold Healthy Coffee Tastes Great

Steve Pohlit
Independent Distributor

Not Just Coffee

Organo Gold Green Tea, Organo Gold Hot Chocolate. Visit Organo Gold Healthy Coffee, Healthy Green Tea and Healthy Hot Chocolate Web Site For More Information…Just Click Here

Revealed: The Exact Steps I Take For Health and Wellness

My Good Health and Wellness Plan

Good health and wellness is achieved by integrating attitude and physical care.  I continually work on my mindset following the guidance that I share at Manifest Mastermind This article summarizes the physical action I take on daily weekly basis including: diet, exercise and nutritional supplements.

Motivation or My Why

Before the age of 10 I had my share of stays in the hospital as a result of being sick and from injuries sustained in a car accident with my father.  Ultimately my experiences with the medical establishment led me to the conclusion that most of the time our bodies are perfectly capable of being healthy with the right personal care.  Being healthy without medical care became my health goal and my health and wellness actions are in alignment with that goal.


Every day I am now doing the oxygenation program that I am being trained on by Zna Trainer. I encourage you to learn more about this and when you do you will soon understand that working with her personally will soon be nearly impossible because of the demand.  Click Here for more information and when you call her be sure you mention my name so she makes time for you.

One thing I have found is that if you really don’t like doing something it will not be sustainable part of your life.  I have adjusted the time I devote to exercise which is why I love Zna’s program because I can to it most any time and anywhere.  Walking/running and going to the gym are things I still do and of course take more time. I still enjoy them.


My diet changes depending on whether I am home or traveling.  It is easier for me to eat my preferred foods of oatmeal, fruits and vegetables when I am working from home. I generally have two meals a day with a snack of mixed nuts or popcorn.

I drink water throughout the day. I enjoy several cups of coffee in the morning. I have now switched to healthy coffee by Organo Gold and absolutely love it.  Click Here for more information on this product line and at least scan the articles I have posted there.

I am not a person that resists foods that are well known to be less than optimal for your health. I just don’t eat them often.  In general when it comes to food and drink, enjoy what you want in moderation and consume what you know to be healthy most of the time.

Nutritional Supplements

In 1994 I purchased a business in Tampa, Florida and began splitting my time between Florida and Ohio where my daughter lives with her mom.  The change in temperatures seemed to be having an adverse affect on me.  In that year I became more knowledgeable on nutrition and health and particularly the lack of nutrients in many of the foods we eat.

I learned of pure organic essential oils and since that time have used them daily. Today I use the Core Supplements and Body Balance that are made with essential oils. I use them  daily even when traveling.  Click Here for more information

In November 2009 I learned of Stem Enhance and Stem Flo which stimulate the production of your own stem cells and improve the circulation so the stem cells get to where they are needed. I have been using those products twice daily ever since.  I have my story at Stem Cells Restore.  This is the only product line I am aware of that stimulates the production of your own stem cells which are the building blocks of cell regeneration.  This is a great anti-aging product and based on what I know I agree with the company leadership who advocates that everyone should take this product.

Dietary Soluble Fiber is mandatory for digestion health, healthy colon, minimizing the risk of heart disease, regulating blood sugar and more. I use Bios Life slim every day twice a day including when I am traveling.  If my dietary fiber intake is low on any given day, I take this product three times a day. Click Here

Most recently I switched drinking my favorite coffee that I order from a roaster in the Mid West to Organo Gold with Ganoderma Lucidem. Once I found out all the health benefits of this coffee, switching was a no brainer.  If you are a tea drinker, they have a green tea product for you. I didn’t think I would notice a difference in how I felt by switching to this healthy coffee, but I do. I am more energized, sleeping better and I really like the taste of the different coffee products.


So that is what I do. Overall I feel good. I am able to travel all over North America in and out of different time zones while maintaining my energy. I have not been sick with a cold or worse in more than two years.

Does all of this mean that I will look like I am 50 when I am 90?  Maybe!  Does this mean I will never need a doctor? Maybe!  Does this mean I will live energetically well past 100? Maybe!

There are a lot of variable which is why I am concluding this same way I introduced this information.  It is very important to integrate your health and wellness program with mindset self-development.

For me this process has been worth it.

Sending you the energy of health and happiness.

Steve Pohlit

Four Easy To Understand Steps for Optimal Health

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1. Don’t ever go to the grocery store hungrey

2. Don’t have anything in you home that you have decided you must avoid ….this is about food .

3. Focus on what your body knows is good for you and not what you tongue enjoys.

4. Move…your muscles and your lungs will reward you.

Easy to understand..easy to agree with…damn hard to do.  So I simply ask, how important is your health to you?

Steve Pohlit,

Business Consultant, Executive Coach

“No Reports…Just Results”

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Healthy and Sweet…All Natural Sweetener, No Calories or Carbs per serving. Tastes Great
Cardio Life – amazing for cholesterol management, weight loss, blood sugar regulation

Heart Failure: What Is Heart Failure and How Do You Prevent It?

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Note: This article is reprinted in its entirety with all credits intact. There is valuable information here on heart failure.
Steve Pohlit
Bios Life Franchise Owner

You Can Prevent Future Heart
Failure If You Take Steps Now

  • Discover the surprising role colon health plays in heart failure, and how to prevent it!
  • See the link between chronic inflammation and heart failure and how to reduce it!
  • See how cholesterol-lowering drugs weaken your heart while doing nothing to stop heart disease!
  • Find out how to strengthen your heart, get more energy, and livelonger!

Heart disease afflicts 68 million people and accounts for 41 percent of all deaths in America. But congestive heart failure is the No. 1 killer, not heart attacks, as most people believe.

While the number of heart attacks has stabilized in the last decade, death by heart failure has increased, in spite of all the new heart drugs!

The good news is that heart failure is preventable. But you’ll need to take steps to stem the root cause now. You’ll learn how in today’s report, and here’s why it’s important . . .

Once diagnosed with congestive heart failure, you have just a one in three chance of surviving just a few years, according to statistics. That wouldn’t be the case if pharmaceutical-based medicine weren’t failing us, but it is!

I’m Dr. Russell Blaylock, editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report , the health letter for folks who want to know what conventional medicine is missing, or suppressing.

Today, I’m going to show you research on some nutritional therapies for heart failure that are safer and more effective than the most commonly prescribed drugs.

Unfortunately, you won’t hear about this research from your doctor, and without it you’ll never know how to truly protect yourself against the No. 1 killer!

For this reason, I want you to have a FREE copy of my special report, “New Heart Revelations: Inflammation and Colon Play Key Roles.” And you’ll see what’s in it just ahead . . .

But first, I want you to know I’m disappointed with the direction of medicine in this country. People aren’t getting the solutions they need. And there’s way too much emphasis on drugs. Why? Because . . .

The America Medical Association is
Way Too Cozy With the Drug Industry

In medical school, doctors are taught the symptoms of disease, NOT its root causes.

They are taught to prescribe drugs to treat those diseases, even when they don’t work or just deal with symptoms only.

And finally, they’re taught that “real doctors” use only drugs ? never nutrition, vitamins and minerals, and other natural therapies, even when these things work better.

How did we get to this deplorable state? We’ve got to go back to the early days of medicine in America, when . . .

The American Medical Association and the American drug industry formed an alliance. Their agreement was simple: Promote and help one another succeed, while waging war on all competitors.

It worked! Both are extremely successful and powerful today. And they control medical treatment in America.

Doctor, Neurosurgeon,
Author, Health Advocate

Russell Blaylock, M.D., not only compiles and’s Blaylock Wellness Report. He’s also a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer.

He attended the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans and completed his internship and neurosurgical residency at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. For over a quarter of a century, he practiced in the demanding field of neurosurgery in addition to having a nutritional practice.

He recently retired from his neurosurgical duties to devote his full attention to nutritional studies and research. Dr. Blaylock has authored three books on nutrition and wellness:

  • Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills
  • Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life
  • Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients

An in-demand guest for radio and TV programs, he lectures extensively to both lay audiences and other physicians on a variety of nutrition-related subjects.

Dr. Blaylock is the 2004 recipient of the Integrity in Science Award granted by the Weston A. Price Foundation. He serves on the editorial staff of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association and is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, official publication of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

He previously was assistant clinical professor of neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson and is a visiting biology professor at the Belhaven College, also in Jackson.

I’m not going to say they haven’t done some good. For sure, they have. But it’s wrong when your health is at stake and they suppress, and even denounce, vital healing information that happens NOT to be drug-based!

That’s why I write The Blaylock Wellness Report each month on natural alternatives that have proved to be both safer and more effective than harsh drugs.

And you can get my health letter for just 13 cents a day ? see special invitation just ahead . . .

Think about it: If heart failure is the No. 1 killer in America, and it’s rising in spite of all the new heart drugs, then conventional drug-based medicine obviously is failing here.

But you’ll see how to strengthen your heart and prevent heart failure in your FREE copy of “New Heart Revelations: Inflammation and Colon Play Key Roles.” Let me show you what’s in this valuable report . . .

Understanding Congestive Heart Failure

Your heart is a fist-sized ball of muscle that, incredibly, beats more than 100,000 times a day, pumping 2,000 gallons of life-giving blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

This amazing four-chambered pumping machine is divided into right and left systems that do two very important things . . .

1. The right atria and ventricle pump blood to the lungs to pick up oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide.

2. The left atria and ventricle pump the oxygenated blood to all of your organs and tissues.

In heart failure, one (and eventually both) of these pumping systems fails, so that oxygen-starved blood backs up in your veins.

Symptoms of heart failure are . . .

  • Persistent cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue
  • Swelling of the ankles
  • Weight gain from fluid build-up
  • Weight loss in advanced stages

In the early stages, the heart muscle grows larger to fight back. But the bigger it gets and the harder it works, the weaker it becomes, eventually causing the engorgement (filling) of poorly oxygenated blood in the organs and tissues.

In the final stage, the organs fail and massive fluid (plasma) leaks into the lungs, causing death.

You can prevent this from happening. But you need to start today ? stemming the root cause! And that’s why I want you to download a FREE copy of my report, just go here now.

What Leads to Heart Failure?

Medical scientists can’t agree on exactly what causes heart failure, but they do know that heart attacks, high blood pressure, failure of heart valves, mercury exposure, infections, and atherosclerosis all lead to it.

They also know that all of these conditions are associated with chronic inflammation resulting from high levels of “inflammatory cytokines.”

Your immune system produces a number of inflammatory cytokines that are important to the healing process, except when they are inappropriately overactive.

I believe chronic inflammation is the root cause of heart failure. And for sure it plays a major role in the acceleration and worsening of heart failure.

ln fact, studies show that patients with the highest levels of certain inflammatory cytokines are at the greatest risk of heart failure, and also death by heart failure.

This is why those who are diagnosed with heart failure don’t live long. The chronic inflammation is speeding the deterioration of the heart muscle and hastening death.

Fortunately, you can get tested for the specific inflammatory cytokines that are implicated in heart failure . . .

And most important: You can take specific steps to reduce and control them. You’ll see how in your FREE report!

But before I show you how to get your FREE copy of “New Heart Revelations: Inflammation and Colon Play Key Roles,” let’s see what really causes heart failure.

If chronic inflammation is the culprit in heart failure, what’s causing the immune system to make too many cytokines?

The Role Colon Health Plays in Heart Failure

New research points to “immune system hyperactivity” triggered by ? and here’s the big surprise ?bacteria in your colon leaking into your bloodstream!

Conventional medicine is missing this, or suppressing it because drugs won’t fix this problem. Which explains why heart failure is increasing, in spite of all the new heart drugs. But here’s what you need to know:

1. Poor digestion . . .

First, as you age, your body makes fewer and fewer digestive enzymes, and since there are no live enzymes in cooked or processed foods (the typical modern diet), slow-moving, poorly digested food particles get stuck in the lining of your colon. And once there, bad bacteria feeds on them and multiplies.

2. Acid-blocking drugs . . .

Second, if you’re using antacids or acid-blocking drugs, you’re reducing (or even eliminating) the stomach acid that’s the first line of defense against bad bacteria. The result is more of it passes into your colon where it can stick in the lining of your colon.

3. Swollen colon lining . . .

Third, as your heart muscle gradually weakens with age, poorly oxygenated blood can damage the lining of your colon and cause it to swell. That, in turn, forces the bad bacteria into your bloodstream (leaky gut syndrome).

And once this bad bacteria is in your blood, your immune system will attack it.

Yes, that’s normal immune function, but here’s the problem: When bad bacteria steadily leaks into your bloodstream, your immune system continuously makes cytokines to fight it.

This is exactly what is happening to tens of millions of Americans!

This hyper-immune activity leads to the over production of cytokines. And the resultant chronic inflammation leads to heart disease and heart failure, as well as to other inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, asthma, colitis, Crohn’s disease, and Lupus!


You can repair the damage to your gut, kill off the bad bacteria in your colon, and thus stop it from getting into your bloodstream where it’ll trigger the hyper-immune response.

You’ll be reducing your risk of heart disease and heart failure, as well cutting your risk for all of the other inflammatory diseases. Good idea? It sure is ? and you need to start now!

You’ll see exactly what to do when you get your FREE copy of “New Heart Revelations: Inflammation and Colon Play Key Roles.” But let’s learn a little more . . .

Preventing Heart Failure

In your FREE report, you’ll discover nutritional therapies for preventing heart failure (or successfully treating it if you’re already diagnosed) that are safer and more effective than the drugs doctors typically prescribe.

Prevention and treatment begin with four important nutrients. And I can tell you that the first one isprobiotics (friendly bacteria).

A steady course of probiotics will bring the bad bacteria in your colon under control. It’s also a good idea to discontinue the acid-blocking drugs and replace them with digestive enzymes (taken with meals). This will naturally speed digestion and prevent the over-production of stomach acid.

Another nutrient that’s essential to good heart health is CoQ10.

Heart disease patients routinely show low ? and deteriorating ? levels of CoQ10. That’s bad becauseCoQ10 is essential for heart cell energy. And your heart muscle must work a lifetime with no rest.

But did you know that there are two forms of CoQ10?

The older one never worked well for most people, especially those older than 40 or already diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

In fact, if your doctor has told you CoQ10 is of no value, it’s probably because of earlier studies with the inferior form that showed few heart-health improvements.

But it’s a completely different story with the newer form of CoQ10 that was developed in recent years after a scientific breakthrough. This is the one you must have!

The older form was largely ineffective because the body had to convert it first to a form that the body could utilize, and not everybody could do that. The newer form is already in the form the body can use, so it goes to work right away ? for everybody!

Let’s see what effective CoQ10 supplementation can do: In one study, 58 percent of the Co10 group showed good heart improvements, and 28 percent showed dramatic improvements.

In another study, 67 percent were less tired and more active. Shortness of breath at rest disappeared. The blood pressure and the heart rate fell. The enlarged heart returned to a normal size. And guess what? When the patients stopped taking C0Q10, these symptoms returned!

In another CoQ10 study, most patients improved two whole classes (from bad symptoms to mild), as measured by the prestigious New York Heart Association’s Functional Classification, which is based on heart symptoms during exercise. A phenomenal result!

But don’t wait until you’re diagnosed with congestive heart failure to start taking this newer form of CoQ10 ? it will strengthen your heart and actually prevent CHF in the first place (see your FREE report)!

The third nutrient for good heart health is a nutritional supplement that . . .

  • Dramatically improves heart muscle energy
  • Improves coronary artery blood flow
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Prevents arrhythmias (dangerous irregular heartbeat)

And the fourth nutrient for good heart health is a nutritional supplement that does all of this for you . . .

  • Acts as antioxidant
  • Cuts the risk of arterial plaque formation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Prevents arrhythmias
  • Strengthens heart muscle

In your FREE copy of “New Heart Revelations: Inflammation and Colon Play Key Roles” I’ll give you the . . .

  • Exact name of the new and improved form of CoQ10!
  • The names of the two other supplements for preventing and treating congestive heart failure!
  • Plus general dosing guidelines for all four key nutrients!

So how can you get a FREE copy of this valuable report that could save your life? Just take advantage of my no-risk offer to TRY The Blaylock Wellness Report for just 13 cents a day . . . go here now.

My Mission is Your Good Health . . .

For 26 years, I’ve been helping folks in my medical, neurosurgical, and nutritional practices ? not only to get off dangerous drugs that do little or no good but also to get natural solutions that actually work!

I started writing The Blaylock Wellness Report to provide sound advice on how to prevent disease, stay healthy, and feel great. After all, what’s more important than feeling mentally sharp, physically well, youthful and energetic!

I’ve learned from my research ? and in my practice ? that there are far better solutions to many of today’s health problems than drastic surgeries, harsh therapies, and harmful drugs.

So, each month in The Blaylock Wellness Report I sort out the conflicting medical reports in the media. I understand that it’s confusing ? even paralyzing ? when the latest medical news contradicts what you learned last year, or even last month!

Unfortunately, the media happily report all of the studies financed and manipulated by large drug companies, whose first goal is improving their bottom lines, not improving your health.

Look at the multibillion-dollar business they’ve created around cholesterol-lowering drugs ? a red herring because cholesterol is only fifth in importance when it comes to predicting heart disease.

Did you know that drug makers never were able to create a cholesterol-lowering drug that doesn’t also destroy your CoQ10?

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Weaken Your Heart

It’s true. Statin drugs destroy CoQ10, one of the most important nutrients for your heart’s energy production. In other words . . .

If you’re taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, you’re actually weakening your heart while doing nothing to prevent heart disease!

I’ve got a report on this subject, too. And as soon as you become a Blaylock Wellness Reportsubscriber, you can access it FREE, along with many other valuable reports . . .

You’ll learn the REAL causes of coronary disease, cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders . . .

Weight gain, fatigue, headache, sexual dysfunction . . .

Immune system disorders, allergies, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and many other problems, including how to correct them with natural therapies that are both safe and effective!

You’ll also see how to make smart choices on foods, medicines, and nutritional supplements, plus you’ll learn the specific tests and exams you need at certain times in your life (more valuable than the annual physical).

You can trust what you read in The Blaylock Wellness Report because . . .

I take NO money from the drug companies. I get NO kickbacks from companies selling health products. And I’m never involved in studies funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

And you get all of this for 13 cents a day . . .

Your Special Half-Price Invitation

The Blaylock Wellness Report usually is $8 a month, just $96 for the whole year. But because you’re a valued member of the Newsmax family . . . YOU SAVE 50% off the regular price today! Go here now.

Your preferred rate is just $4 a month, or 13 cents a day! And it includes immediate access to all of the reports I’ve written in the past, which are right now waiting for you in the web site archives. Here’s just a sampling . . .

  • Health Exams That Can Save Your Life
  • Eliminate Hypertension Forever
  • Arthritis: Confronting Chronic Joint Pain
  • 7 Strategies to Stop Heart Disease
  • Vitamin D’s Hidden Role in Your Health
  • The Great Cancer Lie ? It Is Preventable and Beatable
  • Cut Your Risk of a Deadly Stroke
  • And dozens more!

This access alone is a $600+ value ? or more likely it’ll prove “invaluable” because my reports cover dozens of important health topics that could extend, and even save, your life!

Of course, you risk nothing for giving The Blaylock Wellness Report a try. Your subscription includes my publisher’s . . .

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any time you feel you and your family are not getting the best health information, news, and guidance to prevent disease, stay healthy, and feel great ? simply cancel with no further obligation, keep all of your reports, and get a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of your subscription.

You can’t beat that offer. So, what are you waiting for? Just LOOK at what my publisher says about the valuable Blaylock Wellness Reports you can access FREE, including “New Heart Revelations: Inflammation and Colon Play Key Roles.”

  • No. 1 killer is heart failure, not heart attack!
  • Symptoms of early (and advanced) heart failure
  • Root cause of heart disease and heart failure (not cholesterol)
  • Four key nutrients to take daily to prevent heart failure
  • The name of the new and improved CoQ10 ? a must have!
  • Why prescription drugs aren’t the best solution!

I’m convinced you’ll find this newsletter invaluable to your own life. And when it helps you, I’m sure you’ll recommend it to your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers . . .

So please don’t give up this opportunity to protect yourself and your loved ones, with:

  • The latest unbiased information on crucial health topics
  • The most recent medical research studies (Dr. Blaylock will tell you which ones are sheer nonsense ? and why)
  • Simple strategies to rejuvenate and take charge of your life

And please don’t wait to hear this news from your own doctor ? who’s way too busy to read even a fraction of the studies Dr. Blaylock examines.

Right now, you can increase your family’s security by claiming your own copy of this valuable report: “New Heart Revelations: Inflammation and Colon Play Key Roles.”

Plus, you’ll also receive your free bonus pass to all of Dr. Blaylock’s past newsletters along with your no-risk subscription to The Blaylock Wellness Report.

Sign Me Up For My 100% Guaranteed
Trial Subscription Now ? CLICK HERE

Why Colon Cleanse Should Precede Your Weight Loss Program

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Note: This article is reprinted in its entirety with all credits intact. The information offers compelling reasons for using a colon cleanse.  Personally I found colon cleansing challenging. I believe the primary reason is the effect of you body releasing toxins.  I used the Clear Start  cleansing program from Unicity and continue to use Bios  Life Slim daily for weight loss and fat elimination.  I along with thousands of others endorse Bios Life Slim. Please visit for a very informative video on this product.
Steve Pohlit
Bios Life Franchise Owner

Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst’s Top Secret Fat Loss Secret – Exposed!   by Steve Campbe

If you’ve ever seen Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst’s ads or website, there’s a very good chance that you were turned off, “big time”. That was certainly my first reaction. Yet, as odd as her website is, what it boils down to is this…

Dr. Gudakunst’s “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” simply addresses the need for a detoxing cleanse before, during, and after any weight loss plan… assuming of course, your ultimate goal is good health, vitality, and lasting weight loss. This really isn’t far fetched at all. A detoxing cleanse is an essential part of any truly effective weight loss plan. Let me explain why:

We all know that our bodies store fat when we consume too many calories, and it burns this stored fat for energy when we sufficiently decrease our caloric intake. However, chemical toxins in our food (pesticides, preservatives, MSG, artificial colors and flavorings), lead and chlorine in our water, and other poisons in our environment, as well as parasites that can lodge themselves in our digestive systems, all play a significant role in our weight gain and in our inability to lose weight and keep it off. This has been documented and scientifically proven by health & wellness experts all over the world.

One of the ways the liver deals with impurities or toxins entering your body is to increase body fat to engulf these impurities and protect the vital organs and systems of your body from this destructive influence. The reason many diets are not successful for long-term weight loss is because they don’t address the need to cleanse the body of toxins. As I mentioned, these toxins sometimes also include parasites living in our digestive systems and the waste products they excrete into our bodies.

When you lose weight, excess fat dissolves and the toxins that were trapped inside your fat cells are released into your bloodstream and circulated throughout your body-usually causing headaches, fatigue, aches, pain, dizziness, moodiness, and other withdrawal-type symptoms. Some of these toxins are naturally excreted through the bowels, kidneys, and the pores of your skin. But without a proper cleansing regimen, the body is unable to remove ALL of these toxins, so it begins working diligently to once again, lock them away inside of “New Fat Tissue”. This is why people tend to regain weight so easily after most diets.

The body also attempts to defend itself from intruding toxins by wrapping the toxins in a wall of mucus within the digestive system in order to lessen the damaging effects, but over time this internal waste can reach a point of critical mass causing it to slowly rob you of your health, strength, and energy. The heavy mucus coating in the colon thickens and becomes a host for putrefaction. Parasites breed there, and the blood capillaries to the colon begin to pick up the toxins, poisons and noxious debris as it seeps through the bowel wall and into the bloodstream (this is often referred to as Leaky Gut Syndrome). At this point, all tissues and organs of your body are taking on toxins… and you’ve moved way past weight loss problems, to deteriorating health.

So far, we’ve only touched on the issue of harmful parasites that live and breed within our large and small intestines. For instance, organisms such as Candida Albacans. We all have this unfriendly bacteria within our intestinal tracts but when something triggers a growth spurt for these parasites they can overwhelm the digestive system and make weight loss and proper food absorption almost impossible. And I won’t even address in this article the other spooky parasites most people carry around as a result of eating meat or fish that may not have been sufficiently cooked or properly handled.

The truth is, I thought long and hard before discussing this topic on my Weight Loss Success! Blog. But in fairness to Dr. Gudakunst– as odd as her advertising approach may seem– and in fairness to my readers who are sincerely trying to get to the bottom of their weight problems, I have to admit that both my wife and I used a colon cleanse diet initially, to successfully jump-start our weight loss. And frankly, we were absolutely shocked and appalled at the putrefying waste that came out of our bodies. Stuff that we had no idea we were carrying around.

So, in my opinion, it would be wise to seriously consider incorporating an effective but gentle colon cleansing diet program into your overall weight loss plan. Click here to read our complete Review of
Dr Suzanne’s Colon Cleansing Diet , the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret.

To your weight loss success!

About the Author

Steve & Nora Campbell are former health educators and health and fitness plan reviewers. Nora has personally lost over 60 lbs. Click this link for more great articles & to request a FREE copy of Nora’s $40 e-Book on how to make fat loss fast and easy!

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