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The Green Foods Difference
By David Sandoval

Millions of people are dependent on multiple drugs to treat depression, anxiety, crippling fatigue, allergies, asthma, learning and attention deficits, and other afflictions to get through each day—drugs that pose significant dangers alongside their marginal helpfulness.Much of this has to do with what we eat—more specifically, what our food lacks: vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, and substances we have yet to discover; and what it contains too much of: antibiotics, radiation, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, additives, artificial colorings, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, industrial wastes, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

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Our food supply is over-processed, contaminated with chemicals, and permanently compromised by GMOs. This is why we need to make major changes in the foods we cultivate and consume. In doing so, we’ll take in less chemical toxins that damage reproductive and immune health and less foods that clog our arteries and set the stage for cancers.

A WORLD APART FROM ISOLATED, SYNTHETIC NUTRIENTS Concentrated green foods are unlike vitamin pills made from synthetic nutrients. They are pure food—food that can adequately nourish the underfed and the overfed. Since the 1950s, processed food has become the standard fare in the US: limp produce grown in depleted soils, sprayed with chemicals to keep bugs away, and picked far too soon. According to research surveys from 1997, 74 percent of Americans did not meet the government standard for five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Today, the government recommends seven to nine servings daily. It’s too soon to know whether more people are following these recommendations. For now, consider yourself. Are you getting enough fresh vegetables and fruit? If you’re like most people, you aren’t. And when it comes to these foods, more is always better. Have you ever finished a meal and thought, “Man, I shouldn’t have eaten all that salad”?

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LIVING GREEN Within weeks of transitioning to a diet rich in green superfoods, you’ll experience reduced inflammation, improved elimination, and fewer adverse affects of oxidation. As green foods boost your intake of enzymes and alkalinize your body, you’ll lose weight and reduce your risk of chronic diseases. You’ll think it’s worth sacri- ficing sugar and junk food to have all this. So, what does a diet rich in greens look like? Along with popular superfoods like spinach, broccoli, kale, cauli- flower, and Brussels sprouts, lesserknown items include cereal grasses, micro algaes, spirulina, chlorella, and sea vegetables. While these may sound more exotic than standard supermarket fare, once you feel the difference in your health and quality of life, you’ll realize you should have been eating these all along.

PURE FOOD CRISIS I always say the quality of the food we eat will equal the quality of the life we live. The aforementioned foods contain the necessary nutrients for our fullest, healthiest, and happiest lives. Unfortunately, there’s a threat to the very food that nourishes us. It’s a threat that I call the Pure Food Crisis. Food has become a commodity to be traded like gold and silver and the emphasis on its ability to sustain life has diminished— overshadowed by the emphasis on its ability to sustain profitability. While most of the world has rejected GMOs, a few nations allow their populations to be exposed to this potential danger. Unfortunately, the United States is one of them. There were no significant safety studies required before these sophisticated and potentially dangerous bio-organisms were unleashed, which means potentially dangerous GMOs are in your food right now and you don’t even know it. Moreover, GMOs threaten the very existence of organic agriculture. It is time for each of us to begin effectuating positive change in the world by altering our lifestyle and our actions. When we choose food for its ability to nourish our bodies and to keep us pure, we create a demand for pure, wholesome foods. That demand will create agriculture built around producing pure and wholesome crops, which will create a pure and wholesome planet; thus, our very buying decisions dictate the future of the earth and its ability to support us.

David Sandoval is the founder of Purium Health Products, a world renowned expert in phytochemistry and superfoods, and author of The Green Foods Bible. Learn more at http://mypurium.com/stevepohlit

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