Forgetting? …Simple Actions To Help You Remember

You can’t remember your neighbor’s name… the person who just shook your hand looks familiar but you can’t place the face… you walk into a room and can’t remember why you’re there… after a frantic search for the car keys—again!—you find them in the freezer. Are you afraid you’re losing your memory as you get older? Then you’re not alone because along with the fear of loss of vision, memory loss seems to be one of the main things aging adults worry about the most.

But according to a Fox News report, some surprisingly simple activities can help enhance your memory…

Chewing gum—Some studies seem to indicate that chewing gum helps you to recall information perhaps by increasing your heart rate which increases blood flow to your brain.

Exercise and diet—A great deal of research has shown that exercise can enhance your memory and a healthy, calorie-restricted diet has been shown to help the memory performance of healthy elderly adults.

Caffeine—Various studies have shown that drinking caffeine in moderation can increase alertness, boost short-term memory and protect older women against memory loss.

Daytime naps—Science strongly supports short daytime naps (less than 45 minutes) as a way to improve your declarative memory, which is the memory you use to store facts.

Alcohol—Recent research is showing that alcohol in moderation (one or two drinks per day) may improve your memory and may even help prevent dementia.

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